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This is a story written by the Spore Club founders in a Geography Lesson at age 10. Set in reign of Dan I, not changed from original copy.


Valeie Fern lived in the Rainforests of Brazil with her brothers Tommy Oak and Samuel Pine, her Father and Aunt Pecan. Every day she had to make the long climb up the rope ladder to reach their small cramped hut for meals and sleep. One day, a poster came through their letterbox:


feelin' down?

then visit spores to enjoy funness!

at the old oak tree at 5.00 children only.

Val thought this sounded cool, so after finishing her fruit picking jobs, she set off. She grabbed her friend Polly Milk on the way and they went on together.

By the old oak, they were greeted by a small, white SPore. This was Sprout who was on helper duty.

'Come on, follow me!' he squealed 'Here is our town!' Val and Polly stared aghast at the hundreds of small white uns and their impressive town. 'Let me show you around, first to our leader: Dan.'

Cautiously, Val stepped through the 'Dead-Ant Hills', hills of ant skeletons. 'Here it is.' piped up Sprout. A cool looking spore sat on a leather chair.

'Sos 'bout Sproit.' he grinned. 'He'svery excited about learning English at school. I'm Dan by the way-The Spore Club Representative. Let me show you around.'

First, they went to see the Spore School and watched a Spore named Caleb kill an ant via infection. Then they watched the school production, 'Oliver'. Sprout was Oliver, Caleb was Dodger and Sprout's sister, Jennie, was Nancy. Val and Polly applauded vigourously.

Next was the general community. The the town hall. Here, a meeting was being helf. Pictures were hung up of Dan, Harry I and Harry II and f some people named Megan Sporesly and Isporebel Todd. The meeting was confusing as it was in Sporish.

'Who are they?' Val asked.

'The Spore Club Founders.' Dan boasted. 'Great people, awesomeness really. Oh and so is Sporeby Green.'

'Hmmm.' Val said.

'You can be a Sp-Sporter if you want if you want-learn about the spores?' Dan asked.

'Yeah.' Val nodded enthusiastically.

'Ya!' Dan corrected. 'Now, off you trot. Your parents will be worrying about you. Spore Spore Spore Spore Spore! Sporelala Sporus! Sporella Sporey Spangly  Spore Spore Spore? *'

'Who's Spangly Spore?' asked Val, after Sprout had translated for her.

'You'll see' smiled Dan.

Walking out of the town, Val saw a Spore in a tight pink, sparkly suit who was dancing.

'Spangly Spore?' Val guessed and ran off, horrified.

'I like spores.' said Polly, the next day.

'Yaha!' Val replied, grinning. (She was learning Sporish). 'SPORELALA SPORUS.'


* Translation: Hope to see you soon. Ants must die! Say hello to Spangley Spore for me!

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