Rose is the great Netball player, and Harry I's granddaughter.


Rose was born to Jerrard Sponk and Kathy Sponk. She was the eldest of three children, and loved her brothers dearly.

At school, Rose surprised everything with a hidden talent for Spetball, much like her Grandmother before her. Kathy had not inherited this talent, much to Miranda's dissapointment, and so Miranda was delighted.

Miranda took it upon herself to train Rose to her full potential and as a result Rose became the best player around. She excelled on the School Team and when leaving school (with good SCSEs in general, and outstanding in Sporets) joined a professional team.

She was then selected for the National Team, and as the star player many said she was better than her Grandma. She has (at the moment) one known child, a boy named Georgie with husband Kyle Sponk (funnily enough).

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