Felix was the second Spudnik child. He went on to become a popular banker, and was very kind to his neice Eileen by taking her in.


Full Name: Felix Archiebald Spudnik

Family Members: Edna (Mother) Ernie (Father) Arnie (Brother) Jai (Brother)

Spruce (Brother) Miranda (Sister) Harry II (Nephew) Kathy (Neice) Liam (Nephew)

Eileen (Neice) Audrey (Wife) Penelope (Daughter) Archibald (Son)


Early Life

Felix was the second born into the Spudnik Family. As he grew up, the siblings found their forte of the Famly Buisness. Felix was immensly interested by the accounting, and often handled the money with the help of his Mother. At School, he excellled in Maths, and went on to get full marks on his Maths SCSE.


After School, Felix went into banking-he woked at Sporebank for many years, and was finally promoted to head banker. Through this time, he also helped his Mother and Brothers with the finance of the family buisness. Through his job, he became very rich and owned a large mansion.


Felix married Audrey Spaou, and together they had two children-Penelope and Archibald, however they often had their neice, Eileen living with them. She could not go with her Father (Arnie) and Mother on their travels, and so Arnie left her with Felix, even as a baby. Felix and Audrey looked after Eileen like another daughter, and Felix felt sorry for the girl. Penelope and Archie grew up with Eileen and treated her like another sister.

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