Ernie spudnik

Ernie Spudnik is succesful; father to 5 children and the father in law of Harry I. He and his wife were the main producers of Leaftee (Registered Trademark).


Full name: Ernesto Graham Spudnik

Family Members: Edna Spudnik (nee Spoll) (Husband)  

Arnie Spudnik (Son)    Felix Spudnik (Son)

Spruce Spudnik (Son)   Jai Spudnik (Son)

Miranda Spudnik (Daughter)   Harry I (Son-in-law)

Harry II (Grandson)   Kathy Sporus (Granddaughter)

Liam Sporus (Grandson)


Early Life

Ernie was born into the Spudnik Family and presumably attended Sporeschool. There she was good at Maths and Chemistry. An early classmate was Edna Spoll. She did well at school, getting very good SCSEs in Maths and Chemistry. He left school, and soon moved in with constant love interest Edna.

Beginning Work

Edna and Ernie, both keen scientists, experimented with differnt types of food, to try and create something new and exciting. After two years of experiments, they invented Leaftee; a type of drink made of different leaves depending on the flavour. They launched their product and it was an instant hit within the Spore Community. With several new flavours on their way, the Spudniks decided to start a family.

First they welcomed Arnold (nn Arnie) and two years later, Felix. Four years on from that, they had twin boys Jai and Spruce. They tried for one more and had a little girl named Miranda.

The Buisness that Boomed.

Leaftee became the number one Spore treat drink and sales were through the roof. As the children grew, they helped out in the buisness. Twins Jai and Spruce took a particular interest, even coming up with a few new flavours, one bestselling.


When Edna and Ernie retired, they left their buisness in the capable hands of Jai and Spruce and welcomed many grandchildren. They both died of old age at 65.

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