Eileen spudnik

The only daughter of Arnie Spudnick, but spent a lot of time with Felix.


Full Name: Eileen Sarah Spudnik

Family Members: Arnie (Father)  Daphne (Mother)

Harry II (Cousin)   Kathy (Cousin)   Liam (Cousin)

Miranda (Aunt)  Spruce (Uncle)  Jai (Uncle)  Felix (Uncle)


Early Life

Eileen was born to Daphne and Arnie. She somewhat got in the way of their traveling, and was often left with her Uncle Felix and Cousins. She grew up not knowing her parents very well, but did not seem to mind as she was almost another child to Feix.

Later life

Not much is known about what happened to Eileen, however she got good resuts in her SCSEs and so it is likely she got a good job.

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