Arnie spudnik

Arnie was a adventerous spore that explored the jungle in search for ingredients for the family factory.


Full name: Arnold Edward 'Arnie' Spudnik

Family Members:   Ernie (Father)  Edna (Mother)  

Felix (Brother)    Jai (Brother)   Spruce (Brother)

Miranda (Sister)   Eileen (Daughter)   Daphne (Wife)

Harry II (Nephew)  Kathy (Neice)   Liam (Nephew)


Early Life

Arnie was the first born of the six Spudnik children. He grew up with his parents running a very succesful buisness and helping our there. He became paticularly interested in the ingredients behind the flavours, and where they came from.

As a result, he got top marks in his Biology and Geography SCSEs.


Instead of taking a desk job (so to speak) Arnie decided to travel-going to find different plants and taking them back to his family. He became close with fellow traveler Daphne Spigg and they travelled together for years.


The couple had one child, Eileen, who, when her parents were travelling, lived with her Uncle Felix and his family. They loved her dearly, but desperatly wanted to continue their travels. The couple lived a long and happy life together, and brought a great many unusual plants to the family buisness.

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